By: Spring Chase

Since when did the sub-genre of music you listen to potentially generalize  you in a  domestic terrorist category? Since yesterday, when I coined doomestic terrorism. To clarify what domestic terrorism is; citizen(s) committing terrorism against their own citizens/country. In this day and age the only difference between domestic terrorism and foreign is, basically a 'Made In the USA' shirt. Are doom metal fans on the domestic terrorism watch because metalheads have found a new apocalyptic art form and others know not the meaning of it? Is it suffice to say, false flag shootings aim to put every American on it without little choice, regardless where their music, trends or clothing are made? Or, are the  diverse American people allowing Congress and the military to put their people on it in plain sight? 


Doomestic terrorism, the forbidden metal subject little dare to support because their lack of knowledge about it. A misunderstood mindset, philosophical poetry and art. In real time, however, the true terrorists are those jeopardizing the Americans constitutional rights. One of the oldest forms of gas-lighting and manipulation there is, and its the hot topic barely trending. In the 20 years I have collected doom metal vinyl and attended its festivals while documenting its existence and directing a documentary on it, zero cases of doom metal musicians creating authentic doom or terrorism on this earth have existed. What's next, death metal causing an alarming death rate? Hypocrisy hides in all sorts of shades. Does gangster rap automatically mean your destined for the initiation of a gang the second you pick an album up? None of these are correct. Just because the phrase, "you are what you eat" implies to junk food and the toxic lard you may becoming, eating grapes doesn't physically turn you into grapes. You are what you listen to would not insinuate that come the stroke of midnight, you're destined to become a smashed pumpkin. Listening to Orange Goblin and Acid King means anything BUT you eat acid and oranges with the goblin king watching Clockwork Orange on Friday nights.


Doom metal fans and musicians haven't, nor would they provoke, incite, encourage or condone Doom from my experience, just as, funeral doom doesn't promise you a bereavement leave for the upcoming, long over-rated apocalypse. As in the beginning of mankind, its simply the forbidden, bleak subject that lures peoples attention because zero philosophers have pinpointed it, unlike the critics aiming to generalize the musicians to the genre, who equally would not have careers without doom metal. Black metal and death metal have taken more hits than a viral youtube video, as well, and little is being done to preserve our free right to think and speak without being censored or stereotyped. Whats wrong with this picture even more or worse, is now your rights could be targeted for it.