By: S.M. Chase



        Satire plays a strong role in politics, like it, or not. Stripping has various vocabulary denominations, but the term, “stripping” will latch on to some political ideology of fictional characters portrayed in the political arts for the following humane sectors. Stripping by profession, has a relative effect on people when by nature it is a potential cold-hearted reality for females that very little tend to face the truth about. Strippers are killed in real life; exposed to corruption, escort agencies, police stings, drug dealers and often written off as dope fiends or derelicts for being indirectly related to circumstance. How remotely conservative? How, this will equate in correlations with white-collar professions is simply because the interactions between the two through comics and illustrations carry some substantal link often overlooked or ridcualed by the masses attributing to them.  Is it intentional to mask the outer sources demeaning stripper characters, at the same rate as masking their fore-running political candidates for the hypocrisy hovering around the male chauvinist market of infidelity coinciding, accordingly? Comic book characters and newspaper strips are admired by the masses, and seldomly offense is left to be given, if indeed and endowed, the comic book character is a stripper superhero, even. Are there certain annotated links related made that politics are easily riddled, and villains disregarded with this synthetic approach of mimicking their inner anti-heroism with comedy to lessen the hedonistic impact of a monstrous humanity? Can puppets, also, pull a few strings in the labeling of the following footnotes political superficiality? Puppetmasters will be examined within the resources forwarded. Delving deeper into the research, I found countless illustrated political comedy to support this thesis.


Mark my words, as words are left to be marked, we can measure the authenticity of comedy and politics thru implied terms of stripping in effort to lessen inventorial correctness of factoids given. Can one  simply be granted immunity through injustice if the factor is lightened to an extent that comedy will shroud the inevitable outcome in order to mask the justifying presence desperately needed of our leaders? A comedian never lies yet, in the least, can offer the satisfying comical value of correctness, in order to shrug off the importance that inequality and equality of leadership is an indirect or direct hidden essence of satire? More to the point, satire plays a role in politics. It can be read by psychology majors and scholars, alike. It has disgusting edges and profound depth. The following resources will unearth a relative fact that political leaders use arts and humanity to gain trust with the voters, such as, marketing media scams lure their customers to believing their overweight, indigestible, indistinguishable and incapable of losing weight themselves. It’s the direct link that readers, voters and poll-defying politicians are in the wrong boat with the ship that sailed us to through American politics. When great writing aristocrats of our foreign past, such as, Edgar Allen Poe died in the depths of sewage-filled alley linked to voting poll cover-ups with an alcoholic tainted past, it can be considered a cold case file that needs resurrection once for all, lest we walk around this insanitary

planet inebriated with Ether, as the fellowship of brotherhood intended the feminine influence of reality to be shattered. How feminism plays a predominate spokesperson to correlate culture and cartoonists is in the coming paragraphs to follow with such astute profoundness inarbiturarily argued ......