An American Story Of Revenge, Bullying, Hate & Rivalry 

Revenge Porn
The American Way


           An average day over two years ago would apply to the term, normal. Now an average day includes the word, avenged. It might appear as starting with a hospitalized, Police Brutality case that was indirectly related and injustifiable. Lawyers have since passed away, football reps have sinced traveled on but a legacy and statement by the American people would forever remain. I owed it to myself to find some mental clarity to establish my roots in a peaceful county I once could collectively work, create art and films in.  Now every day is met with another form of calamity or rivalring traffic congestion. Through one county, Revenge Porn was in effort to retaliate against the many emotions I was struggling to uphold after an incident occurred which I could hardly find the support to mention I needed help with. Others would argue their own justice through acts of injustice. Abused women would cause controversary for the mere sake of bitterness on their tongues. On June 5th 2014, I started a documented journal of the mass bullying and hate crimes I underwent. This journal would later be breached along with my privacy and security. If Lady Liberty is walking with me, I will find some sanction. If brother blue steel continues the warpath of validation, I will find some errors of our Constitution, which nowadays, has more missing holes in it than a slice of Swiss Cheese without the average, working-class American even remotely aware of it. In the simplest form explained, those who flinch to revenge me today are those already too avenged to be a paralysing voice for society's change. 




Every woman undergoes it, some men deny it and some people live for it. It has magnified in capacity and borders invisible lines of discrimination as it grows with intensity. I feel weakened by mental blocks from the constant onslaught of my integrity from complete strangers. As an American I am waged for a war I do not support. As a citizen I am united with non-consensual restraint that has tainted some areas of non-prejudice life I clearly can't find the deceny to explain. As a woman, I am inspired to end the segregation of humanity. For the many that battle their own abuse and neglect I have sympathy. Do I have more in me to continue alone with a sense of security? Or should this selfless act infringing my privacy invaded be forever engaged in endless flight to gain a new destination because exploitation and retaliation have impaired my ability to be treated fairly. 


The necessity of understanding the bully is yet to be determined, but it clearly takes on new forms of creativity in the genrations uneducated and unhealthy enough to end it. Either a sociopath is calling you crazy or a coward, or a closest creep is too lazy to be social. You are juggled between the borders of ethinicty in an age where money is a matter of survival, yet the dollar bill hasnt effective trademark enabled to defend yourself in the unknown waters of its origins. Your age matters when you are populated in a class of health generilization. Your wealth is limited to increasing when your value of self is set to a steady idle of decreasing with the more intake of bullying through technology. Americans, at their wit's end, are now entitled to less liberty and surplus of taxation and consent forms. Where do we stand in a nation on the defense with less resources and knowledge of self defense than has ever been provided? Our food, water and living conditions are regulated with manners that lack overhead regulation. The system is failing when we are overworked, caterorgized, crippled and disabled from the debt that needs more relief than FEMA can lend a donation to. The upright brute force is side-by-side with incapacitated veterans in wheelchairs over-crowding the grocery lines. Cops are bent out of shape and our army is a brotherhood uninterested in the uprise of sisterhood. Bullied By Bullies Chapter Two is where American Revenge meets the mother of diabolical force of time. "Old Man Time Runs At A Good Pace, But Ol Mother Earth Is Winning The Race" -Parasite Rex


 Stalked, threatened and harrassed for my generalized classification. A facist stereotype I could stand to take repeated backlash for in the honor of staying firm in my belief of equality to end sexual harrasment, domestic abuse and unnecessary violence on a grand, unequal justice scale.  


Stalking on a whole new level of retaliation has grabbed everybody by the edge of their seat. While I'm dubbed the Revenge Porn Survivalist, Chapter Three: Walk On Stalker will not be in tune to the male dominating Pantera album, 'Vulgar Display Of Power"  but will empathsize with my breachment of privacy re-examing some potential abuse of authority. If stalking were a hobby, some judges and mayors are having a heyday with my passport that was never once returned to me in person. A bridge I once left a tear for humanity now flows with a river of confusion, however for the life of me, I couldnt stand the frozen, framed thought of why it never was deemed necessary enough to check on my heartbeat after that day. For all they knew I was missing. If depression and sleep depravity were to blame, then why did I relate spiritually need breathing room to find a natural antidote to chase the demons away from the furthest of holy lands invaded by tresspassers and intimadating judicial walls I havent a stone big enough to cast with bare hands of empathy? To this day, I wonder if I was dead in the river, would that unmarked car noting my tracking devices still contribute a missing ad on female forever scorned hippie stoner because one wrong at a place of employment doesnt make me of any more value than homeless, alcoholic heckler. Its highway robbery when you are placed on an incriminating agenda to brand women as floozies and addicts with ones own hidden agenda is as illegal as the day is harboring solar energy. Waste my time, and Ill waste yours, walking stalker w/ a robe on.   


Rather than find the center of the universe, there are men without an appartus that could be into findng the center of the hate I repel with dignity. If I leave this life tomorrow in a burning flame destined to desinerate into enery, let it be known that I was with the creator all this time rather than in love with a hater. I got this idea to love myself and enter a contest to win back my haters apologies. I havent forgiven a moment they spent entertaining a negative thought throughout this time I have had to process their demeanors. Chased and not a day near Christmas or my birthday. If they trip on my loosened tire lugs, join me in the desepration it takes to survive in America. Not only are suspectable and vulnerable to the elements that bind you, but road rage and retalation from an unknown source is a bitter taste that we are not to be trusted around our own subliminal confidentiality.