Make Fake News Great Again

As the Bash Fest continues on all fronts, testosterone is heightened in an all-new American audience pumped with perpetual, powerless pawns and posers willing to now LIE for their country. Do you remember the good ol' days when news was transmitted using something as little as a bumper sticker? Now 'ANTICHRIST IS COMING' themes range in a variety of visual layers with hidden messages of their own flash stock propaganda photos. Fake, faker and the most fake news gushes on with crisis actors, pr relation firms, high paid professionals, actors. models, youtube channels and digitization. I survived similar stunts in my life, and can actually cover this topic better than a majority. I was a victim of gang-stalking, and unfortunately can relate to both sides of the story; the liars and the lied to. The same people who supported me in the beginning blamed me in the end. I watched them go from fake to real in a matter of months. These same people, or were they the same people at all? It turns enemies into friends and friends into enemies. Fake news, propaganda and lies change people, and not always for the better. Mind controlled masses under a systematic imbalance keeping the population immobile from getting the real gist. Fake news in the end amounts to fake people.


Its affecting every city, county and region worldwide with little room left to escape from it. People have become too damaged to amount to the support everyone needs to overcome it. On top of this, paid officials and electives are too desensitized to look for assistance from it. I learned this by recently visiting Washington DC only to find out the cops and government officials don't care enough to lift a finger for their toppled-over city going to ruins. They especially don't care anymore than to lure people into their toxic city chalk full of fake, flakes and phonies, right after they will cyber stalk you and steal your identity. I should have listened to bus patrons proclaiming it was a dump and bypassed it. Fake news or fake heresy relayed by a real country side-by-side with fake friends, fake lives and fake families. Now, everyone has became their own fake news reporter. They simply transferred their bumper stickers to their laptop computers. Either way, fake people look at it, they endanger their own daily activity by furthermore engaging in it, sustaining any truth or bypassing their a harsh reality .

This is the truth of fake news and false crimes we're looking straight through the barrel of worlds face today. We are staring a hole in the third eye of mass hysteria solely from confusion from loss of genuine understanding of what is currently going on in our society. The conditioning of people are beyond repair, yet we are stuck in the cycle of restoration that revolves around how resilient we must learn to be from fake news and fake realities. Realities we face are not active shooters, spontaneous explosions and uncontrollable weather, and in fact, quite the opposite. Realities we do face are over-exploited, underpaid wage slavery, civil arrests and the loss of civil/human rights and cyber liberties.

Fake news is getting dangerous and exposing us to the depths and darkness that the media will go to report a falsifying nature to benefit their own or others gain. It, also briefs us on the community members and clicks in on the scandals and deceit. Fake news is not hard to find and in fact, more than often, brandished repeatedly in our face. Whether its mainstream or European, conspiracy facts or theories, its truthful in saying that we shouldn't be allowing it to have so much power over our emotions and destinies.

In order to make fake news great again, less is more. Less news networks need to be operational in the foundation of a constitutional, influential future. Less instructions of which websites are hoaxes, fakes and satires. People can make up their own news for their own daily lives as much as they can make up their own list of fake news websites, especially when their references are fake. Less means of news is desirable, as well as, the desire for news to be controlled, manipulated or mind controlled using multi media outlets is old of a game as the tabloids lens have ever used. Less fear of the news, and less fearful news needs to be a focal point of local news. Last but not least, if politicians need an anchor to preach about fake news, then make politicians and presidents the anchor man for fake news channels of their choice. It wouldn't be any surprise to see them picking the same channels proclaiming that isnt fake. You have little right to go around saying you're fake news as you are not fake news.

If even half of the fake news would focus on the risks and dangers of smoking manufactured cigarettes, and conspiracies about dieting to cure disease, instead of the 2nd amendment, I guarantee there would be less bloodshed to go around for us and our tax dollars to clean up.

#fakenews #SpringChasenews

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