2018 And The Great Unknown

2017 was a harder year than necessary, and it often is necessary to work hard during the year. I took to the Zanza Bar for Unknown Hinson to kick off the New Year. Very little is known about the Vampire Rockabilly troubadour. Named after his father on his Birth Certificate, Unknown leaves your town as unknown as he came in.

What is known of Unknown Hinson is his breakthrough more or less came along when Adult Swim aired The Squidbillies, and hes onto Season 14 providing soundtracks and filmscores for the animated redneck rendezvous. He may very well appear as a cartoon to some, and to him some appear back as a cartoon to him. He braces each crowd with a welcoming that has attracted a fanbase of all walks of life. Metal heads, punks, rednecks, psychobillies and stoners have all caught onto to him by now, and he welcomes more by the minute with covers he does from Hendrix to Cooper.


My New Year and Unknown Hinson may be combined together afterall. After making a pit-stop by the merch table I was offered the gig to do a comic strip on Unknown Hinson. If this progresses into a reality as 2018 is destined to, Ill be updating you here.

#UnknownHinson #SpringChase #ZanzaBar

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