Spring Chase

Recycled Sacrifice 

By: S.M.Chase

Everyone is creating their own idea of recycling these days.  Its becoming diplomatic in some ways. People will choose which items are even qualified to recycle, then began new ideas of what to recycle and when to recycle. People will do this with perishables  and non-perishables from cellophane to even family and friends. Going Green has taken on new meanings. Friendless and paperless are two different ways to sacrifice recyclable items these days. Its just that simple. Right? People will go through  arduous extremes to sacrifice their true identity anymore to establish a new identity and reform under its destiny and goal that in return doesn't benefit them or the planet whatsoever. Has recycling even become a double standard?


'Recycled Sacrifice is here to examine our inner most turmoil. The questions that cannot be questioned. 

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Directed By: Laura Poiltras



Edward Snowden is considered a hero to some, a traitor to others , a circuit board cyborg  to computer programmers or stranger than fiction reality host to the rest of an average skeptical audience who was introduced to him four years ago, such as myself. I first learned about him from the internet, like many, and around the time I heard that Michael Moore had bailed Julian Assange out for claims for violating the  Espionage Act of leaked  US military documents following a monumental, pivotal time in my life that I would later be avenged technologically and exposed in my own explosive invaded privacy in passing. Stardom can hit like a tidal wave you will note as it does for Snowden on his new foreign hotel bed. In many aspects it doesn’t pay to be famous, and it only makes it ridicuously hard and criticizing to overcome situations in the average public. Ex CIA agent and washed-up Washington DC military brat, Edward Snowden’s motives appear pure and genuine when he exposes a massive spying operation underway in the United States on the American citizens. The film might safe your life as equally as endangering it. Congress once called him a coward, and hes faced with decisions on charges of Espionage in one country if not the other, as he evades the United States. Throughout the film we follow The Guardians film crew and journalist on an awakening, let alone a crucial wake-up call for us all. Not only does it not pay to be famous as I am learning on my own, but it makes you vulnerable if your checked library books and renegade rental lists that easily guide you through the media’s lies  to see through mainstream Hollywood in no time.


I was introduced to the underground film world through Horror Movies in my teens rented from the non-existent Wild N Wooly, and later interviewed in a documentary for Jamie Lee Curtis somewhere down the line before filming my first documentary on an underground genre of metal in America. During the interview I was asked to provide commentary on Halloween and horror movies demeanor and reactions. “Why do people follow Horror Movies and come to these conventions,” I was asked. “People relate to horror films because, generally speaking, most have lived through or nearly escaped a horror story in their own lives.”


Edward Snowdens true-life horror story has taken him from Tokyo, Japan on a an-all-out Escape from DC adventure of a lifetime where there is no turning back. To me he may even be a ghost now, as I followed Snowden quietly in the corners where no man have crept or crawled from. He realizes something halfway through the film that I had known all along. There is little power that the United States holds on anyone in this time of deception and grand supreme illusion.


Snowden informs the director and journalist in the film that our cell phones are nothing more than an open closet for us to expose our deadliest skeletons to an unknown operation under construction out west and courteous of NSA. As footaged rolled, I would observe that Snowden maneuvered and mimicked a lot of my own moves and mannerisms. I don’t have as much to hide as Snowden does, however coming from a indie film artists perspective with talent to boot, I don’t exactly want the world, traitors, heroes or cyber circuit board listening, viewing or copyrighting my own film ideas or books.




Most currently, we will find Edward Snowden suing Norway and starring in the main synposis of Oliver Stone's latest biographical draft on him called, Snowden. As to why Stone scarpped his current Martin L. King

film in the works at the time with Jamie Foxx personally handpicked would be visible evidence of a higher supreme force governing the trends, whistleblowers and corruption levels to ones own advantages. If you think your town 

is corrupt now, such as, Memphis were King spent his last few days before assination, then wait til tinseltown has

its gleaming eye on you.    



In December 2014 alleged claims rang in that a retired Vet filed a lawsuit on Snowdens producers on behalf of the American people for aiding and albetting Ed Snowden, however The People speak of this modern nation speak a variety of native tongue, and it would take the most experienced translator any computer programmer could devise to input the entire documentes filed on behalf of them to prove he has a backing motive supporting their own individual voice and cause.  The bare title of this film clearly encodes the artists and producers plausible clause

for anyone to uphold what truth means to any willing and able to look for it on their own.




If you have followed Snowden up and until now, I would kindly gesture to back out now until the real truth is exposed to extent permenantly forbidden from all of humanity. You would also take into considerization that we have been wronged well-before Martin Luther King seen the light, and continue to be at risk for our nude photos

passed around the office of databases, classifed or not.