Worst Night in Metal


The Ousting Of The Oustest

Let me begin with a short disclaimer because I feel the troubled winds of warriors and black metal world wars to come from the dust that was just recently settled in Argentina after an Abbath show. I was not at the show. I am not a member of a black metal community, blog post or forum. I am on the fence about occult or satanic metal, and therefore relinquish all my beliefs or freedom to have so here-forth. I do know minimal survival skills in the black metal music industry as I have in one form or another booked shows, played black Doom Metal, and written and reviewed the genre on multiple platforms. I screened documentaries that have helped honed the art of making black metal, and interviewed their directors. Now, with some of this being said, I can maneuver forward now,  because I‘m quite aware of the air and  mystique the bands try to maintain which in turn only cursed the genre to burn churches, back-stab and murder one another.  I do not condone the hate as much as I don't condone any & all bigotry.


I indirectly found out about the rumors and gossip through Celtic Frost’s one and only front man, Tom G. Warrior. In a post I found him being interviewed aside the Milan bassist, Mia Wallace. Mia reminds me of the hardest thing metal has seen during the rise and fall of it. And, she's in until the end to win it. She helped him reignite the tribute of the metal legends original band, Hellhammer. First, one asks themselves why someone has to rename their band in order to play their original songs? This alone should have rose some red flags for the fair lady, blazoned with bleached hair and ice cold eyes. Blinded by stardom, she rose to the occasion to play Hellhammer’s reunion,  at Pyscho Las Vegas. Who wouldn’t attribute to some of metal making history? I am getting a little off the beaten path but by the end of this, you will realize why she plays a part of the ‘Worst Night in Black Metal.’ In the interview next to Tom G Warrior I learn Mia plays in Abbath. which resulted after his departure with Bergen, Norways' own Immortal.  The band blames him, he blames losing the war with the name trademark legal battle over Immortal, and so the story goes on and on and on. Just like the night of never-ending hell. I believe her stint in his solo band was short lived, and you will find this happening time and time again for women in metal. I am here today to vouch that doesn’t even take a male dominant force to call this shot, as there are equal amounts of alpha females on every corner. I've had my fair share of doses of those trips. I’d imagined she joined Abbath a little around the beginning of last year. She started appearing in Kerrang magazine, and on festival stages with them and Triumph Of Death since them (see HELLHAMMER TRIBUTE)

Now, back to the madhouse that happened in Buenos Aires, and dazed debauchery this show will put you in after watching it, if it is still in good standing with youtube. The night appeared to have started off with Abbath in the crowd chanting to his own name. It’s comical from a bystander view and horrifying from a civil rights activists stance. Either his Flying V guitar was broke, or he broke it even more when he threw it. Mia is in the corner and barely misses all the whipping and lashing about. Abbath in the middle of all the death-defying stuntman, crowd-surfing jumps, starts to wipe his corpse paint right off his face midstage with a guitar tech fixing the broken guitar. Mia and the rest of the band are doing very little to save him from there on out. Argentinian cops arrive later and  now Abbath is not the only one slam-dancing to himself, for himself, but the fans are thrown on concrete in a haste to detain them for little reasons given in English. To top it all off, she loses her place as an active member through a phone call made. Not just with  Abbath,  but with the tribute to Hellhammer a month later. She goes from two bands to no bands in one year length.  However, she appears to have a back-up plan or side project that Tom G. Warrior publicly announced he would no form with her. This is where the controversy could be sticky, and it could be a double edge sword commenting about that, so I'll end it with an editors note-   You don't always want to know your idols too closely, let alone expect that working with them will benefit you. They are there to idolize from afar for many reasons. -S&MChase


Mia Wallace- Buenes Aries, Argentina